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At BKR we foster a culture of collaboration, integrity, and mutual respect for our clients and ourselves. Our culture encourages creativity, flexibility, and innovative thinking.

“At BKR, we listen, think, and execute with the utmost care. We are experts at identifying the right opportunity and negotiating the best deal possible. We share an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit and work in an environment that promotes accuracy and professionalism. Our passion for doing excellent work and for the business provides our clients with an unparalleled knowledge of the market.”

Brian Kanarek CEO/Founder


Our Clients

As a tenant representative, BKR Partners has worked closely with a variety of clients including, Alchemy Properties, Feldco Development, Maxwell Davidson Gallery, Eastern Effects, Brooklyn Boulders, Antebi Footwear, Modo Yoga, Spaeth Design, Han Dynasty, Recovery Brands and the French American Foundation among many others.

Alchemy Properties
Feldco Development
Davidson Gallery
Brooklyn Boulders
Antebi Footwear
Modo Yoga
Spaeth Design
Han Dynasty
Recovery Brands
The French-American Foundation
Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio

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